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Jet Moto 3 was released exclusively for the PlayStation video game console in 1999. It was released on the PlayStation Network on February 21, 2008 but was removed shortly thereafter for undisclosed reasons.

Jet Moto 3 would be the first game developed an published by new teams. It was developed by Pacific Coast Power & Light and published by 989 Sports.


Jetmoto3 gameplay

Weather effects, along with other graphical improvements were included inJet Moto 3.

Ten characters are available from the beginning of the game and two characters are unlockable. This Jet Moto is notable for the inclusion of new stunt tracks. The objective of these tracks is to perform stunts to gain higher points and to collect coins scattered throughout the track. Another notable inclusion is the "hop" button, which is used to boost your player above the ground to avoid obstacles. The physics also were given an overhaul. Many times your bike travels so fast that you will be stuck riding on walls.

Graphics were also considerably smoother as the game was released two years after the original games, however suffered greatly due to the use of heavy texturing as was common for PlayStation games of the time. Weather was also introduced in the the series, with jet moto riders racing in the rain. Track themes vary greatly, with tracks taking places in volcanic islands, underground catacombs, the heights of Machu Pichu, and a thick Sequoia forest.


DualShock Controller support was added to this installment.



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