Jet Moto is a movie as a part of the fan-made film series. It starts in a flash back of Jacob L. watching his father race in the first championship after his father was on the final lap he dies right in front of his son and mother. Jacob rushs down the track and sees his father dead on the ground. He is now sixteen years old and is now racing like his father. He's working with the mtn dew team as their number one racer. As he trains for the second championship he cannot lose. Now the championship is ready as riders from all ten different teams on at the starting with Jacob up there first and as the race begins he's driving his bike around. As the final lap apparess Jacob is still in the lead but after seeing his bike as failing on him he lose power and ends up in last place but after he regaing power he shoots off and takes a short cut and ends up in the lead again and he wins the race.



Jacob's mother

Claire L.


The movie is best known for the reuse of the title music from Jet Moto 2 and the theme from joyride during the credits