In 2003 a PlayStation 2 project known as Jet Moto: SOLAR was rumored to be in development by RedZone Interactive, however no press releases or gameplay information were released to the public. On April 4, 2003 in minor coverage by IGN, the game was confirmed to be cancelled, subsequently confirming its development. A software design document and a document containing fictional character bios for the game surfaced in 2005 on the personal website of George Rothrock, co-founder of RedZone Interactive. SOLAR was set several hundred years after the original Jet Moto series, when the hover technology from the jet moto bikes had evolved into a new style of moto, the Gravity Resistant Vehicle (GRV) Locales would again expand to other locations off Earth, including Mars, the moon, and Ganymede, one of the moons of Jupiter.

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